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Terra Cotta Body Buffer


For organic hand and body care, a wonderful "terra cotta loofa" that's easy to hold and helps exfoliate and smooth dry skin all over the body.

Use before shaving for a smoother shave and to reduce ingrown hairs. The Body Buffer works great with soap and water or your favorite scrub to remove dry, itchy skin. Also delightful when heated or chilled before use.

HOW TO USE: Wet body and Body Buffer, and add a few drops of cleansing gel. Gently buff away dry skin, and rinse well after use. Follow with Soothing Hand & Body Lotion. Click here to read more about how to clean your terra cotta tool.


  • 100% natural Terra-cotta, used widely in the Indian Sub-continent, is hand-formed and fired in a kiln, so it never wears out.
  • The "crosshatched" texture works to gently scrub away dry skin, and the "washboard" side helps polish skin.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural, Hand-Formed Terra Cotta