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How to Clean Your Terra-Cotta Foot Scrubber

The good thing about our terra-cotta tools (we offer four different styles) is that they've all been fired in a kiln, so they're incredibly durable, and not bothered by heat or soaking.

We normally recommend that you rinse your Foot Scrubber after use, and store it someplace it can dry out. That's usually enough to keep it clean, but in especially damp bathrooms, you may want to take it a step further.

It's won't hurt your terra-cotta tool a bit to soak it in a solution of 1 Tbsp bleach in 1 cup water, or even to run it through the dishwasher.

When we first started out, we had the Foot Scrubbers tested for use in spas, and found that they could even be soaked in Barbicide, just like a comb. Because unlike a true pumice, on our Foot Scrubbers, the texture is all on the surface, rather than going all the way through. So germs and bacteria don't get "trapped" on the inside.

That makes taking care of your Foot Scrubber much easier, and you know what they say, "If you take care of your Foot Scrubber, your Foot Scrubber will take care of you."

Here are all the different terra-cotta tools we offer: