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Our Eco-Partners & Environmental Policies

Our Eco-Partners

Gilden Tree has long been partnered with companies and organizations that are dedicated to setting a standard for environmental responsibility and ethical social practices. We are proud to be affiliated with: 

Gilden Tree products were featured in the 2008 edition of The Green Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Being Naturally Gorgeous by Sarah Stacey & Josephine Fairley.

Gilden Tree is featured in Organic Spa Magazine's "A Time to Give, make the world a better place by donating to worthy causes"  and "Sisters in Trade" an article in the December 2005 Time Magazine.

Our Environmental Policies

Since 1990, Gilden Tree has imported terra-cotta products, traditionally made in the Indian Subcontinent. Women make our terra-cotta tools very simply of clay which is hand formed, sun dried, and fired in a kiln, so they never wear out. It's a process that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries, and it still works.

Our cotton products are made of unbleached, undyed chemical-free cotton, and our white fabrics are peroxide bleached, which is much gentler on the environment. We are proud to have been among the first companies encouraging environmentally responsible manufacturing. Products which are dyed have used cold-dye processing which is much less toxic.

The ingredients listed as "Certified Organic" in our personal care products are certified by Oregon Tilth. 

We're committed to long term usability, which includes our packaging. Many of our jars and bottles are made of amber #1 plastic, PETE, which is almost universally recyclable, and helps reduce exposure to light and air, which helps reduce the amount of preservatives we use. Or they're made of #5 PP plastic which is also recyclable. 

Our gift packaging is meant to be kept forever. Whether it’s one of our soft cotton packing bag, or a beautiful satin bag, we believe that gift packaging should be truly reusable.

We reuse packaging materials and boxes whenever possible to minimize our contribution to the waste stream, and encourage retailers to do the same.

None of our products are tested on animals, and our products are vegan.

Our company culture is based on respect for each other, creating an environment that welcomes differences, encourages learning and always puts families first.

Over the years, we’ve been honored to have six babies come to work with their moms. We know how hard it is for new mothers to leave their infants, and believe that with a little flexibility, there’s no reason why their babies can’t come to work with them.

From the earliest days in 1990, when we packed products in air-packed popcorn because we didn't want to use polystyrene packing peanuts until today, we're always looking for ways to step more lightly on the earth we all share.