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What is the Best Beach Towel?

Beautiful beach at sunset

Nothing is more magical than a day at the beach.

The last thing you want to worry about is a bulky, damp, sand-filled beach towel! 

Our waffle bath sheets make incredible beach towels.  Not only do they take up less room in your beach bag and absorb lots of water, but sand won't stick to them.

In a regular terry beach towel, sand drops down into the loops and then into your beach bag or car.  Once you get home, sand again shakes out in your laundry room! It's a mess. 

Our waffle towels eliminate that problem - because they don't have loops for the sand to hide in.

And they dry so fast - up to 40% faster than regular towels - because they have loads of surface area, so there is nowhere for moisure to hide. So even if your towel gets wet - it dries out in no time.

Available in lots of great colors, they're huge - 40" x 80" before washing, but because they roll more tightly than a regular towel, they won't take up more space in your bag. It's a practical luxury that can  add a little magic back to your beach visit.

 a coral and aqua waffle bath sheet rolled up by a sandy path to the beach