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Cream Hand Towel, Classic Style


Oh the life of the hand towel - called on to do so little when it could be doing so much!  Our Classic waffle hand towels form little honeycombs after washing that make them super absorbent and super quick-drying (up to 40% faster than terry).  Drying fast also means they can help prevent the spread of germs. They are truly superior hand towels. 

But using them on your hands is just the start.  The waffle texture provides a little grip, making them perfect as a hair towel.  They're absorbent enough to replace a bath towel in a pinch, and of course they take almost no room to store.  So use them for travel, boating, camping, gym, yoga - really anywhere you want or need  a towel.  Our hand towels can take it!


  • 20" x 40" before washing (expect 12-15% shrinkage)
  • 100% Natural Cotton (read more about Natural Cotton)
  • Classic Style (learn more about our different Waffle Weave styles)

We use eco-friendly processing (free of defoliants, dyes and synthetic chemicals) so there may be slight color variations between towels.

Care Instructions: machine wash warm, tumble dry low.  Read more about our Natural Laundering Tips