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Gluten Free Products at Gilden Tree

Are you being careful about Gluten? If you have Celiac-Sprue Disease, you know that it's not just gluten in food that you need to watch out for - it's even in some of the products that you put on your skin.

At Gilden Tree, we know how important it is to make your life easier. And we're doing so by being extremely careful to make sure that our products are Gluten-Free.

We do not use any wheat-based ingredients in our products. We also know that some ingredients, like Vitamin E Oil, can come from many sources, including wheat. So we specified that our Vitamin E Oil is a blend derived from corn, canola, sunflower, and primarily, soybean vegetable oils. All of these are gluten-free.

Corn protein is sometimes referred to as "gluten", but that's a misnomer, and corn is not usually a problem. (If you're puzzled about corn "gluten", (and we were) check out Scott Baker's excellent article about Corn Gluten on his website, Celiac.com)
If you'd like to learn more about Celiac Sprue Disease, VeryWellHealth.com has a helpful guide that's clear and easy to understand. Read their Overview of Celiac Disease.

Look for this button to tell you that a product is Gluten-Free.