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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

We've put together the best Mother's Day Gifts for your Mom or the person who's been like a mom to you. Mother's Day is May 12th so order soon!

Need some inspiration? We've got some great suggestions based on what she's interested in. You're sure to find something in the collections below that will be perfect for your Mom. 

Our towels and bodycare items are perfect for creating more "me time" home spa moments and helping create a true spa aesthetic. Plus our personal care products use natural and organic ingredients that help the body heal itself.

Or does she dream of the beach? Cream, Seafoam, Coral and Midnight Blue towels and bath mats fit the bill to help create a Tropical Chic vibe that will bring a little of the ocean to her. Just add a few shells and a pretty basket and you've got Coastal Grandmother style down.
Is she a nature lover? Or off road camping kind of gal? Waffle towels are very lightweight, and dry incredibly fast.  They also take up much less space than regular towels, so they're perfect for backpacking and camping. 
Does she love modern art and bright, bold colors? We've got some vibrant, beautiful towels that will be right up her alley - plus our new Faded Black towels and bath mats are perfect for creating a dramatic effect in any bathroom.
Finally, is she an "I don't need anything - just want to spend time with you" sort of person? We've got lots of great small items to tuck in with a hand-written poem, home-made massage certificate, or voucher for a home-cooked dinner.