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Foot Scrubber Copyrighted Images #2

Seller link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BMLRYYCH

Below is a photograph of the seller's box which we received when placing an order (Order # 111-0939245-5582643) after seeing they were using our copyrighted images in their A+ Content. 

The seller is using our copyrighted image of two of our Foot Scrubbers stacked on top of each other and angled. They have simply photoshopped the water splash into our image. See below:

Here is our original copyrighted image that they used of ours. It can also be seen in use on our product page here: https://gildentree.com/collections/natural-foot-care/products/terra-cotta-foot-scrubber

The seller is using the same image in their packaging insert. See "3 Buff" in the photo below to find our copyrighted image. 

On the same insert shown above, the image of the woman's foot and hand holding the scrubber above "2 Scrub" is our copyrighted image as well. The model is the owners' daughter. They are using this image in their product detail image on Amazon.com as well, seen here:

You can find our original image of this photograph being used in our listing for ASIN B08BV36NX7 as well as shown as here on our own website: https://gildentree.com/collections/natural-foot-care/products/callus-remover-gel-foot-scrubber-kit.

And shown below here: