Indigo Bath Towel, Classic Style


Our Classic waffle bath towels have a unique waffle texture that makes them thin and lightweight, but boy do they soak up the water!  And unlike regular terry towels, they also dry super fast - up to 40% faster than regular towels.

They start out very oversized, but shrink after washing - so you get the benefits of big towels, without the headache of storing them.  Plus when you need them the most, they wrap around you , tick in and stay tucked!  Classic Waffle towels are also perfect for travel, boat, small homes, gym, yoga, etc.


  • 32" x 62" before washing (expect 12-15% shrinkage)
  • 100% Natural Cotton (read more about Natural Cotton)
  • Classic Style (learn more about our different Waffle Weave styles)

We use eco-friendly processing (free of defoliants, dyes and synthetic chemicals) so there may be slight color variations between towels. Our Indigo towels are a deep, rich blue - obtained only through a special dying process - and the price reflects that added cost. 

Care Instructions: machine wash warm, tumble dry low.  Read more about our Natural Laundering Tips

UPC: 783006522065