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Photograph of a tube of Gilden Tree 42% Urea Gel Maximum Strength for Dry Skin & Thick Nails fortified with Hyaluronic & Salicylic Acid
Gilden Tree | Pumice Stone for Feet | Terra Cotta Foot Scrubber
Gilden Tree | Foot Cream | Nourishing Foot Cream with Aloe, Shea Butter & Jojoba
Urea Cream | Callus and Cracked Heel Cream with 40% Urea
Gilden Tree | Eczema Relief Cream | Shea Butter Skin Repair Cream
Gilden Tree Callus remover stick is a neat, easy way to apply Urea to dry skin and heels.
Baby Lotion / Rash Cream | Diaper Rash Cream |Gentle Touch Cream |baby and child eczema cream
Gilden Tree | Body Care Gift Set | Ultra Hydrating Cream w/Cotton Gloves
42% Urea Gel and Foot Scrubber work together to soften rough, snaggy skin on feet.