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Wondering whether Gilden Tree's Nourishing Foot Cream can help you?

Read what our Nourishing Foot Cream has done for others...

...Gilden Tree Healing Foot Cream is so intense that you do not need to wear socks at night to bed for it to do its job. The results are soft and beautiful feet. Lovely fragrance. - Pauline T.

...This is the best foot cream I've ever used. I also have the foot scrubber and together they work great. Smells great and last forever. Love this product. - Brenda C.

...I love the smell of the Nourishing Foot Cream. I used it every time I came out of the shower and before I went to bed, and it made my heels super soft. It worked wonders as a moisturizer on my heels. Love it! -Jessica J.

...Wow! I just received my first order (Foot Cream), and it's even more wonderful than I remembered from the sample I had received about a week ago. -Keryl F.

...The reason we wanted to try your cream in the first place was due to my daughter's feet (especially the left) were extremely dry and cracked, and would wake her up in the night due to the itching. It was driving her mad.

It's been what, almost 2 weeks ? , now that we've been using the Foot Cream on my daughter's feet and her right foot looks completely normal, while her left foot looks almost brand new! She is not up in the middle of the night anymore scratching! (I wish I had taken "before" and "after" pictures!!) New skin is growing where it was all cracked and painful.

Your product brought much needed relief to a 5 year old little girl who wasn't getting any sleep on school nights!! -Monica L

...I used the foot cream and I loved it. My heals crack so bad, it hurts to walk. Since using the product, I can walk with confidence again. With Summer almost in full swing, I can wear my sandals and show off my beautiful feet. Thank you! -Stacey E.

...As a sufferer of Eczema, I am always on the lookout for any medication that will provide any kind of relief. One of the best I have found I discovered at this year's NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair): Gilden Tree Healing Foot Cream. Formulated to be effective on the relatively thick skin of the feet, the cream stops the Eczema itch on my legs and elbows better than any other treatment I have tried and provides better relief for the exceedingly dry skin of Eczema and for wounds caused by my scratching. - Alfred Weiss, Trade Show and Arts Editor, The Italian Voice, Volume 73, No. 38

...This is by far the BEST product I have ever used! And trust me I have tried it all. -Anne S.

...I have been very happy with the foot care products I have purchased from you. However, I recently got a horrible sunburn on my back which was not helped by any of the commercial sunburn products. When it was at it's most uncomfortable/painful I thought of using my Healing Foot Cream and was THRILLED to discover that it totally soothed my burn (I could sleep again) and I swear it has accelerated the healing process. From now on in my medicine cabinet it wil always be considered "Healing Cream" for all parts of my body!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. -Susan G.

...I received a gift of Gilden Tree Foot Cream and the Footscrubber with it. Wow! It is the best foot cream I have ever used, and I have tried them all. -Kathy H.

...I received a sample of your Nourishing Foot Cream from a local Spa. I thought, it would be like any other I had tried, but to my surprise, IT DOES WORK! My heals feel better with just one use and I love the Kiran Forest scent. I have just placed my first order with your company and I cannot wait to receive the items. I also am please to seed organic ingredients. I look forward to trying more of your items. -Mary Ann B.

...The past several months I have been using the food cream along with the butter balm..I can't tell how happy I am! The past two years my feet started drying and cracking on my heels. Nothing helped, including what my dermatologist recommended. I've tried everything, it seemed. A friend found your product on line...we both have tried it and it is the best thing since sliced bread! I used it morning and before I go to bed and it has kept my feet soft and most of the cracking has disappeared. It is important for me to use daily, but it is worth the effort. Especially in the summer when you want your feet to look good in sandals. Thank you for a great product. -Susan Gr.