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What Makes Waffle Weave So Special?

Why Waffle Weave?

In the early 1990s, we began working with friends who had a business making towels for Europe.  Originally ordering just waffle weave robes and wraps from them, one year we finally ordered some waffle weave towels.  What a revelation!  

Ever since we've offered Natural Cotton Waffle bath towels, at first only in "Natural" and "White" and later in a rainbow of colors.  Waffle weave is remarkable - super absorbent, lightly exfoliating and ridiculously quick-drying.  

So unusual was waffle weave in the US, that our towels were nominated for a Best of Year award by Interior Design Magazine.  

Why Not Just Use Terry?

Terry towels are made of thread that is spun into loops, which are woven into rows.  These loops give towels a little cushy feel, and help absorb moisture. But as anyone who's used a heavy terry towel can tell you, terry - especially thick, "luxury" terry can take forever to completely dry out.  In humid bathrooms and climates, it's a recipe for mold and mildew.  And thin terry, which dries more quickly, is prone to snagging and wearing out quickly.

What Makes Waffle Weave Special?

Waffle weave is woven absolutely flat, but shrinks after washing and drying to form little honeycombs.  Because it's still 100% Natural Cotton, those honeycombs are super absorbent and dry you off quickly. But unlike terry that holds on to moisture,  Waffle Weave is all surface area so there is nowhere for moisture to hide.

What Makes Waffle Weave Beautiful?

Our Classic waffle weave is made with small waffles, with two bands of tiny waffles sewn