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What is The Thread Count in Our Towels?

Although thread count has long been considered a measure of quality in sheets, the first time someone asked me about the thread count in our towels, it took me by surprise.

Partly because toweling fabric is usually measured by grams per meter, rather than threads per inch. The other problem is that the quality of a terry towel is often based on how heavy and thick it is, with idea being that the heaviest towel is the best. (Not actually true in my opinion - I really dislike really heavy towels.)

But determining quality by weight doesn’t work with waffle weave towels, because they are designed to be lighter and thinner than terry towels. That’s how they work and why they dry so quickly. So does the same hold true? Are the lightest waffle towels the best? Probably not. As in all things - there has to be a balance.

I think it’s more helpful to think in terms of use and durability. If a towel is thin enough to dry you off and then dry quickly itself, that’s thin enough. If it’s thick enough to last through lots of use, washing and drying, then it’s thick enough.

So the real question being asked is: will our towels be absorbent and long lasting? That I can answer very easily: yes!