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Waffle Weave DIY: How to Sew Hooded Toddler & Baby Towels!

Little hooded terry baby towels are so darling, but outgrown so quickly. Why not make your own hooded towel for a toddler or young child? It's easy, fun and makes a great gift. All you need is a bath towel and washcloth.

I used a Modern Design bath towel and washcloth in Green, since I was making a towel for our warehouse manager Vicky's grandson Ethan. If you have a sewing machine that does embroidery, it would be fun to add the child's name to the back of the bath towel.

I used a zigzag stitch for much of the sewing because you're sewing through multiple layers, and it seems to work better. Be sure to check that you've caught all the layers.  You may want to use a heavier gauge needle as you'll be sewing through thick layers at some points.  I broke 2 needles before switching!

Here's what you'll need:

Waffle Bath Towel
Waffle Wash Cloth


Step 1: Fold a washcloth over, leaving a flap 2 1/2" wide. Pin each side, and sew up the edges to form a "pocket". (If using a guest towel, lay it out lengthwise.)

Step 2: Flip the washcloth over with the fold towards you, and fold the corners back, so the corner is 4 1/2" from the open end. Pin the corners through only the top layer of the pocket.

Step 3: Sew the edges of the corners through the top layer of the pocket only. This will form the hood. If you have trouble sewing this, or don't have zig zag, you can always hand stitch the corners.

Step 4: Lay the towel out lengthwise and fold it to find the very middle. Make a small mark in the middle. You're going to create a box pleat which will be the cape of the hooded towel. (It's harder to explain how to make a pleat than to do it!)

From the middle point, measure 5" and put in Pin #1. Measure another 5" and put in Pin #2. Measure a final 2 1/2" and put in Pin #3. Do the same for the other side.

Fold the towel over so Pin #1 is just beside the middle mark. Fold the towel back open at Pin #1, remove it and pin this flap. Fold the towel again at Pin #2, and fold back again at Pin #3. Remove Pin #2 and pin through the flap.

Do the same for the other side. (I added a couple more pins to keep the flaps in place during sewing.)

Here's an edge view if that helps:

Step 5: Sew through the pleats through the hemmed edge.

Step 6: Lay the towel flat on the table with the box pleat open side down. Lay the hood on top of the towel, centering it on the towel, and overlapping the edge by about 1".

Step 7: Sew along the edge of the washcloth through all layers. You'll sew in a "U" shape. Flip the towel over and sew the edge of the towel where it meets the hood.

Snip loose threads, check for any missed spots and voilà - you've created a super-cool hooded towel, perfect for your little Superhero!