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Waffle Towels

white quick dry bath towels, waffle bath towels

What's special about our Waffle Bath Towels? 

Well for one thing, they're woven differently - in a traditional, European-style flat weave that shrinks after washing and drying to form soft, springy little honeycombs. 

Those honeycombs actually have much more surface area than a regular terry towel, which is why they're so absorbent and why they dry so quickly after using and in the dryer.  It also makes them much less linty - so they won't leave fluff in the dryer or on you!   And they offer a little gentle exfoliation that most people love.

Just choose a style and a color and and start enjoying!

 Classic Style Waffle Bath Towels: small waffles with two stripes of tiny waffles woven in on each end.

 Modern Style Waffle Bath Towels: jumbo waffles hemmed with a band of tiny waffles at each end.