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Using Waffle Weave Towels in Hot Yoga

Kumy Thariani, Co-Founder of Gilden Tree talks about using Waffle Weave Towels in hot Yoga:

First off, why do you need a towel for hot Yoga?

Considering the 106 degree room temperature and the 1.5 hour session, you really sweat a lot. To avoid slipping on the yoga mat, you need a towel, or some sort of absorbent cloth spread over the mat. I use our Modern Design Bath Towel.

Why do you use a Waffle Weave Towel?

The bath towel is the perfect size - not too wide, and it covers most of the mat.

Unlike regular terry towels, it has a nice texture that gives it a better non-slip grip. The texture remains pretty non-slip, even after it gets damp.

During the last half of the yoga session you do exercises lying down on your mat. Waffle weave fabric feels nice and dry to the touch.

The bath towel is easy to carry and takes a lot less space than terry towels - so it's easy and convenient to take to class.

Finally, it's easy to wash, dry and store after use.

One person in my yoga class commented that it was a "cool-looking towel" and it is, in more ways than one.

If you'd like to get one of these "cool" towels, choose a Modern Design Bath Towel - Kumy's favorite, or our Classic Waffle Bath Towel.