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Three Ways to Whiten Your Towels Naturally

How to Whiten your towels naturally

My white towels seem a little dingy. Can I get them nice and White again without using harsh chemicals?

Dingy white towels are a bummer and take the joy out of using them. Try our simple, natural tips for lightening and brightening your White towels. 

Tip #1. Add a cup of Vinegar to the wash water. If your area has hard water, vinegar helps soften the water itself, plus it removes the residue from detergents. It also helps to remove bad smells.(Added bonus!)

Tip #2. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda to each load to help your detergent be more effective. Baking soda binds with the minerals in the water, so they don't stick to the fibers in your towels.

Tip #3. Take advantage of the oldest whiteners in the book - the Sun and lemon juice. Add a cup of lemon juice to a gallon of water and add towels. Lay the wet towels out in the sun to dry. The sun also sanitizes, so it can help with odd smells, too. Then just launder as usual.

Still not working? Try our final tip:

Dire Emergency Method: Take 1/2 cup dishwashing powder and 1/2 cup non-chlorine bleach powder and dissolve them in warm water in your washer. Add the towels or clothes and let them soak overnight, then wash on a regular cycle. It worked on the boy's high school orchestra dress shirts at the end of the year - so if it worked for them - it will work on anything!

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Beautiful stack of white waffle bath towels