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The Gilden Tree Difference: Gilden Tree Versus Others Our Philosophy:

Create products that really work - whether it’s removing dry skin from feet, healing calluses and cracks in dry skin, or even helping with more severe conditions such as eczema.

We recognize that most “problems” are simply imbalances and that if we can help promote balance, our bodies will heal themselves.

Our products must heal without using ingredients that have worrisome side affects.

Selecting Ingredients:

Our ingredients are clean: natural, Certified Organic, and Wild-crafted, Sulfate-free. Paraben-free, Propylene Glycol-free, Urea-free, Petrolatum-free, Mineral Oil-free, Artificial Color-free. Our products are based on truly natural building blocks: Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Honey,

Others: Mostly synthetic with a “dab” of natural ingredients near the end of the ingredient list. Parabens, Petrolatum, Sodium Laureth Sulfates, Mineral Oil and artificial colors commonly used, mostly because they're cheap.


We believe in our products because we’ve seen and heard countless “it really worked!” comments from our customers when nothing else has worked. This is probably because our products are made of traditional healing ingredients which have been used over time and in different cultures, simply because they truly work. We never test on animals.

Others: Sometimes tested on animals, although more frequently, don’t seem to have been tested on anyone, because they don’t do really do anything.

Product Concentration:

Healing ingredients are highly concentrated; aloe vera or shea butter is often the first or second ingredient.

Others: Water is the first ingredient, along with cheaper ingredients. Any good healing ingredient is among the last on the list of ingredients, because good ingredients are expensive.

Batch Size:

We make our products in smaller, more frequent batches, to make sure ingredients are as fresh and effective as possible.

Others: Often made in large, thousand gallon or more batches for the sake of efficiency.


Our goal is to help heal. We offer complete treatments for hand and feet. We’ve designed our products to work harmoniously together, because our products have a much more powerful effect when they're used together. We never create a product that does not have a specific use, or that cannot be used with our other products.

Others: Often, specific items are created more to satisfy a marketing plan, or a store shelf slot. While products may be used together, they have not been formulated or planned to create a more effective result when used together.

Kits & Gifts:

Most people are not experts when it comes to skincare - so our foot and hands care kits give you the tools and products you need for a simple, effective treatment, without investing in full-size jars. Because we have problem skin ourselves, we know what really works, and we only include what you really need. Smaller giftsets allow you to share something you’ve loved with someone you care about. These are kits that you will really use and see a difference with. We are serious about healing.

Others: Kits and giftsets are again created more to satisfy a marketing “niche”, hitting a certain price point and that “look” giftey. Often the price point is so low that the gift container is worth more than the product in the kits, and that’s something to think about in terms of effectiveness.


We offer three scents - Kiran Forest, an intoxicating blend of fresh green botanicals, Citron Leaf, an energizing blend of lime, bergamot, green tea and herbs, and Unfragranced, for those who prefer no scent at all. These fragrances are complex, sophisticated and timeless.

Others: Fragrance is based on what’s popular at the moment. Maybe this season it’ll be fruity and sweet, but next season could be earthy and tough. These are not fragrances which are meant to endure.


There is no comparison. Gilden Tee products are superior in the way the look, feel, smell and work!