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Real People, Real Stories: Monica

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Monica's Story


For a child, skin problems can be very frustrating, and finding a product gentle enough to use on a child can be a godsend. Monica shared this email with us:

“We wanted to try your cream because my daughter's feet (especially the left) were extremely dry and cracked, and would wake her up in the night due to the itching. It was driving her mad.

The sample you sent us seemed to feel good on her feet, so we ordered a full size Foot Cream. It's been almost 2 weeks now that we've been using the Foot Cream on my daughter's feet, and her right foot looks completely normal, while her left foot looks almost brand new!

She is not up in the middle of the night anymore scratching! New skin is growing where it was all cracked and painful. Your product brought much needed relief to a 5 year old little girl who wasn't getting any sleep on school nights!!”