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One For the Girls

Image courtesy of Joel Muniz - Unsplash

Image courtesy Joel Muniz / Unsplash

There is something rather wonderful that happens when women spend time together. And creating a fun, unforgettable get-together is easy when you have a home spa get-together as a focus.  

You don't need to be at a beautiful place like the beach or a cabin, you just need enough space for everyone to spread out and relax. Here's how to make it easy.

First things first. 

A. Decide where to have your party.  A quiet, private outdoor area in good weather is always great.  Just remember you'll need access to warm water. So maybe a deck or lanai, with deck chairs and candles?

B. Create your guest list and limit it to about 6 people.  More than that is a little unwieldy in most home environments.  A larger number like in a women's group, will definitely need to be in a larger venue, too.

C. Next, decide what treatments you want to do. Guests will do be doing their own treatments, using supplies and instructions you provide.  I recommend doing one thing: a manicure, pedicure or a facial.  It always takes a bit longer than you think, and part of the fun is just kicking back and enjoying being together.

D. Find the products you want to use for your treatment. You'll want to create individual "trays" for each guest with the products they'll each need.  Small sushi dishes are great, or even small nut cups. 

Gather everything on a cute tray and keep them covered with cling wrap so they stay fresh, along with washcloths, hand towels, gloves, and Foot Scrubbers or whatever they'll need.

Include a note on each one that explains the steps to follow.  Then guests can help themselves with minimal direction. It may be helpful to think in terms of: soak, scrub, moisturize and protect.  

  1. SOAK: You can soak in a foot bath (for feet) or medium size bowl (for hands) or  using  warm, damp washcloths for facials. 
  2. SCRUB: A sugar scrub is a super easy way scrub you can make yourself.  Just use your favorite lotion or bath oil and add a Tbsp of sugar at the last moment.  Don't forget the benefit of a gentle scrub with a waffle weave wash cloth, or the heartier scrub of a terra-cotta Foot Scrubber. 
  3. MOISTURIZE: use a good rich cream, and cover with gloves, or warm towels.  
  4. PROTECT:  for especially dry areas like heels, nails & cuticles, layer on extra moisture with a rich Shea Butter.

E. Decide which snacks and beverages you want to serve, light up the candles and choose some great relaxing music.

It's sure to be a truly relaxing and wonderful time, and even more special because it's just for the girls.