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Looking for Italian Waffle Weave Towels?

Waffle Bath towels similar to Bellora Towels
Many people first experience waffle weave towels while on vacation in Italy and come back wanting some for themselves. Waffle weave towels made in Italy are quite difficult to find in the US or Canada, not to mention being rather pricey.

So, how do Gilden Tree waffle weave towels compare to Bellora or other Italian waffle weave towels?

We believe that our quality, design and durability are very comparable and we offer a range of lovely colors. Plus, at about half the price, Gilden Tree waffle weave towels are an excellent value.

But why not let our customers speak for themselves? Here's what they've said:

- I have been addicted to your towels and can use no other since I brought one home from Europe years ago.

- I discovered these all-cotton towels in Europe, and have replaced all my thick, heavy, space-hogging terry towels with them. They are thin but wonderfully absorbent, and they leave your skin feeling super-clean and fresh.They also dry very quickly on the rack -- no moldy towels! Some similar towels are made of microfiber and bamboo. They are not the same; this Gilden Tree brand is the real thing.

- Completely comparable to the $70 linen waffle weave towels made by other luxury linen companies. They dry super quickly. The 32 x 62 is a bit larger than I really need, but they're great towels. I'll probably order the smaller guest towel in the future. These are wonderful towels!!!

- My husband had used this style of towel while in Rome and loved them. We bought two as a trial initially and have since ordered another set. A great product and company.

- I bought 6 of these towels. I absolutely love them. I first used them in Europe. It does take a few times to get used to them, as we are used to big heavy and plush towels. They take up less space, dry quicker. Slowly replacing all my other towels.

- Bought a couple towels after using them in Italy years ago. Love them! Very absorbent and dry fast. Back to get a couple more today.

- We got these towels for each other for an anniversary present, after using waffle weave towels in Italy (honeymoon) and falling in love with the towels, (we were already in love with each other!) and they have lasted 13 years so far! I plan on ordering more soon. They are SO much more absorbent than the bulky terry cloth towels, and dry quickly too. Beautiful as well.

- For years I had been searching for waffle weave towels but in this Country they are still rare. I would buy them in Italy. Wonderful products, but very pricey! I was happy to finally find them at Gilden Tree and I've been purchasing them for me and for gifts. These towels are wonderful because: 1. the quality is great 2) the sizes are generous 4) they dry fast in the dryer 5) they do not stay damp after use and this is important for me as the only ventilation I have in my bathrooms is a fan - no window. Even with windows it would be a problem in Florida because of the humidity. Terry cloth towels remain damp longer and must be changed often and dried in the drier for a long time. I find the waffle towels to be a green product for the reasons above. Thanks for offering them.

- I purchased waffle weave bath sheets in Tuscany several years ago and until now have been unable to find replacements. Gilden Tree's generously sized bath sheets are fabulous - even better than my original Italian ones!