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How to Clean Your Foot Scrubber or Body Buffer

Our terra cotta tools last practically forever, because they're fired in a kiln and because they're solid - the texture is only on the surface, so they can be cleaned easily.

For daily use, liquid soap, shower gel or shampoo work best versus bar soap since that can get stuck in the texture. To clean after use, just rinse with water, place it flat with the scrubbing side down so water can drain out, and let dry thoroughly.

Once in a while, use a nail brush, scrub bush or old toothbrush to remove any buildup. Rinse and lay flat with scrubbing side down to dry out.

For tools that need a deeper cleaning, fill a glass or bowl with warm water and add a Tablespoon of bleach. Soak for a couple of hours, then brush and rinse out.

Letting your terra-cotta tool dry in the sunlight is also a great way to harness the sun's disinfecting power.

If you have access to a professional autoclave, it is safe to disinfect that way too. The terra-cotta color may change, but the tool will be just fine.

Foot Scrubbers, Scrubbies and Body Buffers are also dishwasher-safe.