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Fresh Home Spa Recipes

peach on marble counter with white waffle weave towel

Great, fresh seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables aren't just good to eat - they're perfect for creating great do-it-yourself home spa treatments with simple ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

Try using fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables for treatments that are chock-full of vitamins, antioxidants and goodness! Even in the deepest winter, you can combine freshly ground spices with fresh flowers like roses.

We'll be adding seasonal treatments throughout the year, so be sure to check back when cherries come in - or cucumbers are at their best, or when sweet potatoes and mangoes are golden and perfect!

Start with the basics, and then try them one by one. Find a pal to share these treatments with, or host a home spa party! You'll love the difference really fresh spa treatments makes!

We'd love to hear from you too, so click here if you have a recipe to share.

woman relaxing in a beautiful bathGetting Started carrots and gingerFresh Carrot, Ginger & Honey Masque lemondrop martiniLemondrop Martini Manicure
lattePumpkin Latte Scrub brown sugar in a pileReader Recipe: Brown Sugar Lip Scrub beautiful fresh peachPeaches & Cream Masque

lemon slice and mint leaves in a cup with ice and waterCool Lemon Mint Foot Soak 

pears and a bundle of cinnamonPear, Cinnamon & Nutmeg Scrub fresh herbs in a mortar and pestleWarm Healing Spa Soak
apples and honeyThe Simplest Apple & Honey Masque cup of yogurt with mint leaves and a spoonFresh Mint & Yogurt Scrub fresh blueberriesFresh Blueberry Raw Sugar Scrub
orange and gingerOrange & Ginger Massage Oil cup of ginger, clove and tea tree oil tinctureGinger, Clove & Tea Tree Bath for Flu & Cold fresh, sliced watermelonWatermelon Mint Body Scrub
herbal tea in a cupWinter Warmer Honey & Spice Bath chocolateChocolate Milk Bath with Kisses

eggs, honey and avocadoNatalie's Deep-Conditioning  Avocado Hair Mask

nutmegHoney Nutmeg & Brown Sugar Scrub strawberriesStrawberry Salt Scrub sliced of citrus fruitCitrus Foot Soaks, Scrub & Masque
avocadoes with a paintbrushAvocado for Hair and Eyes cucumber slicesHoney, Lime & Cucumber Scrub rosesWarm Rose & Clove De-Stressing Bath