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Father's Day Gift Guide 2022

Dads can be hard to shop for. 

Ask them what they'd like for Father's Day and they're likely to say something sweet, like "I'd just like a phone call, or to spend time with you at a ballgame" or even "just a nice, cold beer."  

So by all means, plan to connect with your Dad or the person who's been like a father to you in some way on Father's Day. 

But if you don't live close enough to do that, or still want to send something to Dad that you think he'd enjoy, we've created a list of Gilden Tree products to help make it easier for you.  Here are some favorites:

#1 Bath Sheets
bath sheets for father's day gift idea for dad


Not sure why, but men seem to love our bath sheets!  Maybe it's because they're big enough to wrap around you, and just feel more luxe! The good news is we've got lots of great colors in two different styles so you can find something he'll really like.

Shop Classic Bath Sheets ($42 - $45)
Shop Modern Bath Sheets ($48 - $50)

#2 Bath Robes

Velour Robe - Father's Day Gift Idea for Dad

Dads can be fiercely loyal to their old, comfy robes, even when those robes are starting to look more than a little past their use-by-date. Instead of cringing each time your Dad roams the house in his "holier than Swiss cheese" old robe, get him a sleek new one!  We have robes in many styles and materials - velour, microfiber, ultra-plush and waffle weave - that may just tempt him to finally leave his old robe behind.

Shop Bath Robes ($57 - $72)

#3 Shea Butter Skin Repair Cream

Shea Butter Skin Cream Father's day gift idea for dad

Dry skin is a real problem for everyone - especially as we age.  But for dads who like to work with their hands, dry, rough skin on hands can be hard to tackle.  Our Shea Butter Skin Repair Cream is super rich (with 12% Shea Butter) and soaks in deep to soften dry skin and keep it softer longer.  

 Shop Shea Butter Skin Repair Cream ($22)

#4 Waffle Weave Bath Mats

waffle bath mat father's day gift idea for dad

Thick, plush bath mats are notorious for holding on to bacteria, mold and fungus. Since 20% of men are likely to have Athlete's Foot at any given time, and it spreads through physical contact, a quick-drying bath mat may help. Our  100% Cotton waffle bath mats have cushy little honeycombs with lots of surface area, so they dry out quickly after each use.  Plus laundering is easy  - they can be machine washed and dried!  

Shop Waffle Bath Mats ($38 - $40)

#5  Gift Card

Gift Card Father's Day gift idea for Dad

Does getting a gift card say, "I give up"? Of course not - since a survey said that for many dads, that's exactly what he really wants. So let him choose with a Gilden Tree Gift Card!

 Shop Gilden Tree Gift Cards