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Do You Keep a Gift Cupboard?

How many times have you remembered an hour before a party that you meant to get a small gift for the host or hostess?

Maybe you remember a co-worker's birthday a half hour before work, or someone pops by with a little holiday gift unexpectedly?

If you're a bit overscheduled, like me - it happens regularly, but I found a great solution.

When I lived overseas and finding a gift on the spur of the moment could be difficult, I discovered the marvelous trick of keeping a small gift cupboard or shelf.

I brought the tradition back with me when we moved back to the US.

What kinds of things should you keep in your gift cupboard? Here are some of my go to items:

Gilden Tree Soothing Hand & Body Lotion
Gilden Tree Mini Stone Massage Kit
Gilden Tree Mini Moisturizing Kit
Gilden Tree Ultra Hydrating Cream

Aside from Gilden Tree, I keep a few other items as well:

Candles (I love Root Candles)
Inexpensive Pashmina Shawls in pretty colors
Pretty Soaps
Note Card sets
Fun, bright kitchen towels
Classic children's picture story books, or simple games

Or if you're crafty, you can put together something lovely with inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram.

I only keep a few of each item in the cupboard, so never have to worry about them getting stale, since there's always an occasion to give them.

Since I seem to have a zillion gift bags, and little tags, putting a gift together takes about 10 seconds, and I get credit for seeming very organized.

I watch for sales on good universal items which saves money and keeps it fun. It's also a good way to "recycle" gifts you won't use as long as you're careful.

Start your own Gift Cupboard today!