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Waffle Weave DIY: Halloween Towels

halloween towel

Need a fun, practical craft to do for Halloween? We've got a great idea for a Halloween towel that's easy and fun to make. Great for kitchen, kids' bathroom or a clever gift - it's a good project for a beginning sewer, or even a pro like our friend, Maya.

Here's what you'll need:

1 Hand Towel in White, Cream or Coral (sorry - green is no longer available)
21" ribbon per towel (Maya used two different ribbons)
1 package of Black Iron-on Patch
Orange thread


1. Wash and dry the towel, or at least tumble it dry with a damp towel for 20 minutes. While it's tumbling, check the ribbon for wires. If you find any, pull them out with pliers.

Maya pinning Halloween ribbon on hand towel

2. Lay out the towels and measure the ribbon(s) allowing 1/2" extra on each end. Lay the ribbon down on the towel, and fold the ends in and under, so the fold ends where the towel hem ends. It's difficult to sew through the bottom band of tiny waffles, so make sure your ribbon ends above that. Pin the ribbons in place. You can stop at this point, or add a "face."



3. To add a face, cut three triangles and a large smile out of black iron-on patch. You can cut small circles at the bottom of two triangles for "twinkly" eyes. Then cut "teeth" out of the smile. (Maya did one on top and two on bottom.) Pin the smile 1/2" above the ribbon in the center of the towel, and position the eyes and nose above that.

4. Sew the top edge of the ribbon first, working carefully along the side seams, which will be thick. If you're using one ribbon, simply continue around the bottom and side (like a "frame"). If you're using two ribbons, you'll sew the top edge of the second ribbon and the bottom of the first ribbon at the same time.

5. For the face, following package instructions, iron on the face pieces, removing the pin holding each piece as you do so.

That's it - super easy and really cute. Maybe try using a or a white towel for a ghost - don't forget to embroider "boo!" If you can't find good Halloween ribbon, you can always use a folded strip of Halloween fabric instead.

Special thanks to Maya for letting us share her project!