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Celebrate Earth Day by Becoming More Self-Sufficient!

Something amazing is happening. A sort "Green Acres in Reverse Movement" seems to be taking hold. Do you remember the sophisticated urbanites from the tv show - Oliver and Lisa, who brought the city to the farm? Well, the farm is coming to the city this time around.

From humble beginnings in backyard gardens, Urban Agriculture is spreading into every city and suburb in the country. Not content just to grow vegetables, urban farmers are keeping chickens and bees - harvesting golden, local honey and fresh, delicious eggs.

Another new trend taking off is fruit and vegetable gleaning. In gleaning, folks offer excess fruits and vegetables growing on their property free to "gleaners". Even home canning is experiencing a resurgence, especially among foodies and locavores. Part of the appeal is knowing where the food came from, what’s really in the jar and that food can stay delicious without refrigeration.
It all comes down to doing more with less, which explains a lot about the new popularity of drying clothes naturally.

The old-fashioned clothesline is making a comeback, because it’s super eco-friendly and leaves clothes smelling as fresh and clean as the summer wind.

So celebrate Earth Day this year by setting up your own clothesline. It’s easy and can be done almost anywhere.
(My grandmother dried all her clothes on a clothesline. As a kid, I loved running through the cool, damp sheets and clothes. Even in the dead of winter, clothes would be hung out to dry and then finished in the basement. My mom said the dry winter air pulled most of the moisture out of them , but on freezing days I'd sure be tempted by the clothes dryer!)

Most everything can be dried on a clothesline, but the thick terry towels we’ve grown accustomed to can take forever to dry.

Waffle weave towels, which dry quickly indoors – even in damp bathrooms – dry amazingly quickly on a clothesline. Their flat weave exposes much greater surface area to the wind and sun, hence the quick drying time.

Make a fresh start this Earth Day and try a waffle weave bath towel. We have two great styles: Classic and Modern and eight colors. Once you get used to them, you won’t want to use terry again.
There are so many great ways to do more with less - and if Oliver and Lisa could do it, so can you!