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Back to College & First Apartments!

Last year, our second oldest son Samir went off to college and one of the amazing new "suite" dormitories. Go Big Red!

His room was spacious and his roommates were great guys. What a change from the traditional dinky dorm rooms that we lived in!

We worked hard to make sure he had all the basics to live comfortably in a shared environment. It seemed like a mountain of stuff, but it all worked and all came home again this summer, mostly in pretty good condition.

This year it's a new challenge. He's moving into a house with roommates, and suddenly we're figuring out how to move his bedroom furniture and any extra furniture we have to fill up their house.

One thing is clear - he'll still need his waffle weave bath towels!

With roommates and any guests all sharing a single bathroom in the house, he probably won't want to leave his bath towel in the bathroom. Fortunately, waffle weave dries so fast he'll be able to store it on a hook in his room, without worrying about it getting mildewy.

Lots of people in tiny apartments have fallen in love with waffle weave bath towels for that very reason - because they dry so quickly! Read more in TheSweetHome.com.

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