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Ask Ann: Where are Your Towels Made?

Our beautiful waffle weave towels are made of 100% Natural Cotton in Pakistan.

Why Pakistan? Kumy is originally from Pakistan, and we lived there for the first five years of our marriage. (I had a wonderful experience living there and I still feel homesick for it sometimes!)

Because we had good connections there, in 1994 we talked a friend who was a towel manufacturer into working with us to develop chemical-free, Natural Cotton robes, towels and shower wraps.

It had been surprisingly difficult to find a towel manufacturer who would be willing to give up the chemical processing that they had worked so hard to attain. Giving up the chemicals felt like a step “backwards”.

But our manufacturer persevered, and figured out how to get the greatest softness and strength out of 100% Natural Cotton without using chemicals. We’re proud to have been among the first companies helping encourage eco-friendly manufacturing in Pakistan.

We believe that giving people a reason to go to work, and to feel pride in making something useful and beautiful is a much better way to make a difference in a country than anything else we could do. Of course we wanted to do a little more, and that’s why we promote The Citizen’s Foundation, a local NGO that helps educate children in Pakistan. READ MORE