Are You Ready to Winterize Your Feet?

We all know we're supposed to "winterize" our cars and houses, but what about our feet?

It sounds a little crazy, but it makes sense. "Good" feet get dry in the winter, and "bad" feet often get much worse, developing thick, dry skin and even cracks.

What worked in the summer may not work in the winter when feet are exposed to the super-drying effects of central heating and sweating in warm socks.

So what can you do to "winterize" your feet?

Ann Thariani, from Gilden Tree recommends three simple things – moisturize more, exfoliate more and protect your feet.

Moisturize more:

Bump up the moisture level: If you use a lotion in the summer on your feet, switch to a richer foot cream. (Gilden Tree’s Nourishing Foot Cream) If you use foot cream during the summer, switch to a salve or balm. (Gilden Tree Hand, Nail & Cuticle Salve, or 95% Shea Butter Balm)

Moisturize more frequently: If you usually moisturize once a day (just after your shower), add one more time to your daily routine – morning or evening works well. (Try Soothing Hand & Body Lotion.)

Exfoliate more:

Don’t drop the ball: Many of us let our feet go with less frequent scrubbing in winter because nobody sees them, but calluses and dry skin continue to build up. Spend a couple of minutes exfoliating with a Footscrubber™ every time you shower and your feet will stay soft year round.

Really Protect:

Seal in moisture: Use a rich salve or balm (Gilden Tree Salve, Shea Butter Balm) on your feet once every few days, or every day if you have very dry feet. Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil help create a protective barrier that seals wanted moisture in and unwanted moisture like sweat out.

Boost moisture depending on activity: Strenuous winter activities - skiing, skating and even shoveling snow can help create new calluses. Feet become extra dry as they sweat and dry off over and over. Use Shea Butter Balm before your workout to help minimize calluses and prevent severe drying.

Be sure to keep feet dry: Take extra clean socks to work with you to change into if your feet get hot and sweaty during the day. Wear cotton or cotton blend socks if you can – they help wick moisture away from your skin.

Your reward for “winterizing” your feet will be healthier, more beautiful feet that are ready for sandal season anytime!

For more information, please contact Ann Thariani at 888-445-3368.