French Velour Shower Wrap

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Incredibly soft French Velour gowns are the quite simply the top of the line, and now you can have one in your own home! 

Each wrap closes with a row of snaps at the top, so it's easy to wear, adjustable and very comfortable. Designed for use in spas, where they're frequently washed, these shower wraps will stay soft and neat for years to come. Perfect to wear when applying makeup, just out of the shower or even around the pool. 

Limited Quantities. Available in Natural, Hot Pink & Purple. In sizes Regular and Full-Figured.  See size chart below.


  • Velvety soft on the outside, smooth on the inside
  • Generous front overwrap
  • Mid-calf hem length (approx. 40" long)
  • Closes with a row of snaps, not velcro! 
  • Washes and dries like a dream!
  • Regular fits women's size 6-16, Full-figured fits 16-3X

Fabric Content: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Shower wrap closed with rows of snaps instead of velcro, so they wash, dry and wear like a dream!

Size Chart:

Item Description & Sizes

Hem Length

Fits Sizes

# of Snaps

Bottom Hem Circumference



6 - 16





18 - 3X