What do the Buttons mean?

What Do the Buttons Mean?
Our "buttons" let you see at a glance if a product offers the benefits you're looking for, and make it easy to see if a product meets specific requirements, needs or offers a special benefit.

- Airline Security Friendly - meets TSA standards of 3.4 oz. or less and can be carried on a plane.

- Diabetes Friendly - reviewed and recommended as offering benefits for Diabetics.

- Family Friendly - made with ingredients which are suitable for use by adults and children.

- Gluten-Free - contains no glutens, and can be used by people with Celiac-Sprue Disease.

- Paraben-Free - contains no parabens.

- Vegan - completely plant-derived with no animal ingredients.

- This item is already in beautiful gift packaging, and does not require Gift Wrap. Please be
aware that if you choose "Gift Wrap" it will not be wrapped again. Instead just use our free
gift message service and save $5.00!