What are the Most Creative, Unconventional Ways to Use Shea Butter Balm?

What are the Most Creative, Unconventional Ways to Use Shea Butter Balm?

A friend once actually asked me if there was anything I wouldn't put Shea Butter Balm on. But honestly, you really can use Shea Butter Balm in so many unexpected ways. Shea butter is a remarkably flexible ingredient, and since our balm is 95% Shea, it opens a whole world of possibilities.

Of course there are the standard uses - it’s an amazing moisturizer, wonderful on frizzy hair (just take a tiny bit on your hands, rub them together, and finger comb your hair to tame the wild beast - without weighing your hair down. It’s very good for nails and cuticles and of course on very dry skin. All that is a given.

But my three favorite ways to use Shea Butter are rather unconventional:

1. Seashells!

Since we recently celebrated the first National SeaShell Day - it’s apropos to tell you that I use Shea Butter to add depth and color to sun-bleached shells. I apply a thin coating of shea butter, let it soak in and then wipe any excess off with a tissue. It's astonishing how much color comes right back - especially on dark or patterned shells.

2. Leather Shoes (and Sofas)!

Year ago, heading into a meeting I noticed that my old leather shoes looked awful - dry and scuffed up. I had a travel-size Shea Butter in my purse, and I daubed some on my shoes. Just a bit of shea butter brought the softness and newness right back to the leather!

Because that worked so well, I gave it a try on an entire leather sofa, trying it first on a hidden spot first of course! We have a great old leather sofa that was looking terribly faded and dry-looking and you wouldn't believe how good a little shea butter (quite a lot of shea butter, actually) made it look. And it smelled so good.

If you have really good old furniture or shoes, you may not want to take a chance. But it could be worth a try - especially if the alternative means getting rid of the item.

3. Dog's Noses!

Regina S, a loyal customer emailed us a while back to let us know how Shea Butter Balm helped her older dog, Singer. Apparently dry nose is a real, painful problem for older dogs, and nothing she'd been prescribed was helping.

On a whim, she decided to try her own Shea Butter Balm. I wondered if the scent would be too strong, but she said he doesn’t mind it and his nose is much better now. Here is a photo she sent us of her beautiful dog, with a nice, moist nose!

You may want to check with your vet first, but if she gives the go-ahead, it might be worth a try.

If you are like me, a bit of a Shea Butter daredevil, please email me with how you’ve used it and we may add it to our list!