Natural Eco-Friendly Wedding Gifts & Favors


An unforgettable moment in life - your wedding is a joyful time, and we've got beautiful, eco-friendly wedding gifts and favors you'll absolutely love.

Choose our green gift packaging, with your personal message and make it even more special.

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Complete Classic Waffle Weave Bath Set
Regular Price: $100.99
 On Sale For: $84.99 
Modern Design Towel Set
Regular Price: $96.00
 On Sale For: $84.00 
Classic Waffle Weave Throw Blanket
Price: $44.00 
NEW! Oversized Waffle Weave Throw Blanket
Price: $46.00 
Honeymoon Robe Set
Regular Price: $172.00
 On Sale For: $145.00 
Luxurious Spa Set
Regular Price: $82.00
 On Sale For: $79.00 
Waffle Shower Essentials Wrap, Headband and Mitt Set
Waffle Shower Essentials Gown, Headband and Mitt Set
Price: $64.00 
Waffle Shower Essentials Wrap, Headband, and Mitt Set - Full Figured
Waffle Shower Essentials Gown, Headband and Mitt Set - Full Figured
Price: $70.00 
Natural Home Spa Essentials
Regular Price: $44.00
 On Sale For: $40.00 
Stone Massage Kit with Shea Butter
Price: $30.00 
Eco-Friendly Black Favor Tins
Price: $12.50 
Gift Certificate - Email
Price: $0.00