Beautiful Natural Kits, Gifts & Spa Robe Gift Baskets


Whether you need a healing gift for someone you love, a socially responsible gift for a friend, or just something for a healthier you - our extraordinary kits and gifts are truly unforgettable  and come packed in beautiful, reuseable packages.

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Foot Scrubber "The Fish"
Price: $14.00 
Scrubbies for Feet - Heart Shaped
Price: $6.00 
Scrubbies for Feet - Posy Shaped
Price: $6.00 
Foot Care Kit - Travel Size
Price: $10.00 
Complete Healthy Feet Kit
Price: $27.00 
Soak, Scrub, Salve Combo Pack
Regular Price: $41.00
 On Sale For: $21.00 
Essential Bedtime Foot Treatment Kit
Price: $27.00 
Deluxe Organic Foot Care Kit
Price: $50.00 
Help a Girl Moisturizing Set
Price: $25.00 
Stone Massage Kit with Shea Butter
Price: $30.00 
Intense Hand Care Set
Price: $24.99 
Mini-Moisturizing Kit
Price: $13.00