Luxurious Natural Velour Robes, Wraps & Accessories

True luxury means not compromising on quality, style or responsibility.

We offer soft, beautiful shower wraps and deliciously velvety robes and accessories, all made with pure, chemical-free Natural Cotton.  That's real luxury.

100% Cotton Velour Robe
Price: $72.00 
Velour Spa Wrap
Price: $50.00 
Velour Spa Wrap - Full Figured
Price: $56.00 
Luxurious Spa Set (Regular & XSM)
Regular Price: $82.00
 On Sale For: $79.00 
Luxurious Spa Set - Full-figured
Regular Price: $88.00
 On Sale For: $85.00 
Velour Spa Headband
Price: $12.00 
Velour Knotted Headband
Regular Price: $7.00
 On Sale For: $4.75