Waffle Towels, Robes & Accessories


Classic & Modern Design Waffle Weave bath towels are soft, quick drying & absorbent. Click here to compare them.

Waffle towels help make a true home spa. Read more at "Home Sweet Spa" from the New York Times.


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Waffle Weave Washcloth - Classic Style
Price: $4.00 
Waffle Weave Hand Towels - Classic Style
Price: $12.00 
Waffle Weave Bath Towels in 100% Cotton - Classic Design
Price: $24.00 
Extra-Large Waffle Weave Bath Sheet Towels, 100% Cotton - Classic Style
Price: $36.00 
Waffle Weave Complete Bath Towel Set - Classic Style
Regular Price: $100.99
 On Sale For: $84.99 
New! Waffle Weave Bath Towel Set - Classic 100% Cotton
Regular Price: $88.00
 On Sale For: $74.99 
Classic Waffle Weave Throw Blanket
Price: $44.00 
NEW! Oversized Waffle Weave Throw Blanket
Price: $46.00 
Waffle Weave Bath Mitt - Modern Style
Price: $6.00 
Waffle Weave Washcloths - Modern Style
Price: $6.00 
Waffle Weave Guest Towels - Modern Style
Price: $10.00 
Waffle Weave Hand Towel - Modern Style
Price: $14.00